Retractable belt barriers; also known as queue or belt barriers, are versatile crowd control systems used in various public settings like airports, banks, cinemas, malls, museums and across a wide range of events. These barriers are highly flexible, easily configured, portable, and cost-effective making them an ideal solution for managing crowd-flow in high traffic areas by providing a visible and physical deterrent against unauthorised access.

How do they work?

Step 1

Assemble your retractable belt barrier by screwing the pole directly onto the base. This creates one unit.

woman pulling belt out

Step 2

Pull the belt clip to extend the belt to the desired length.

connecting two belt barriers

Step 3

Connect the belt end clip to one of the receiver points on the next belt barrier in the line.

various configurations can be achieved

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have created the queue configuration you require.

Industry-standard construction methodology

Retractable belt barriers consist of a weighted base supporting a freestanding post which holds a retracting belt cassette. Belt barriers are easily assembled; posts simply screw directly onto the base which features a built-in rubber floor protector.

belt barriers consist of
Built-in safety features

Belts are available in a range of different colours and lengths from 3 metres – 10 metres long. With safety in mind, Qstands retractable belts come with a built-in braking mechanism and an anti-tamper switch. Belts can be connected in 4 directions and custom messages and logos can also be added on special request.

slow retract braking mechanism
4-way connectivity
a range of belt colours available

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