definition: Retractable Belt Barrier

“A portable crowd control measure designed to manage queues, cordon off restricted areas or guide crowds in an orderly manner. “

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Retractable belt barriers consist of a post, weighted base and a belt cassette on top.
belt barriers consist of
The belt pulls out from the cassette housing and attaches to the next receiver. Slow-retract braking ensures a safe recoil.
slow retract braking mechanism
Easy to install and universally understood, retractable belt barriers are commonly seen in places like airports, banks and event venues worldwide.
Qstands retractable belts are available in a range of standard and custom colours. Printed Logos and key messages can also be supplied as a custom order.
a range of belt colours available
Qstands retractable belt cassettes come with 4-way connectivity allowing you to create queues in various configurations.
4-way connectivity
A range of accessories are readily available and can be adapted to all major brands.
How to Assemble:
Step 1:

Screw post into base

woman pulling belt out
Step 2:

Pull belt out and away from post

connecting two belt barriers
Step 3:

Connect belt to the next post

various configurations can be achieved
Step 4:

Repeat process until complete

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